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Hey there! I’m Ema-Rae, and I’m the creator and author of  Eclectically Ema, a mum of a toddler, and partner to Nick.

I help mums, just like you by providing insight into how working from home with kids can work (it’s hard work, but it CAN work). I talk about pregnancy, life with kids, how to blog and lifestyle posts. I mean let’s face it, every mumma needs some non-mum time, and that’s what those lifestyle posts are there for, to make you feel a bit more like you, and less like ‘just mum‘.

Remember we are never JUST a mum!

I’ve been a mum for two years now to the cheekiest little boy and a lovely little girl.  My obsession with coffee is probably something that needs specialist help, being creative makes me happy and I am stubborn. I rely on my star sign for justifying my stubbornness way too much.

Nick must be an angel because he puts up with my weird and often obsessive habits on a daily basis. He also calls me a hoarder, I like to think I have a collection of useful useless stuff (did I get that round the right way?). You never know when fifty empty jars I stubbornly will not get rid off (did I mention I’m a Taurus?) may come in handy right?

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Being naturally creative ( I am a Taurus after all) I loved writing, expressing my opinions and sharing my content. Throughout the process of documenting my processes at uni, I became obsessed with how my blog looked and functioned. I also found that I wanted to share much more useful and valuable content for my readers. That’s when Eclectically Ema was launched at the end of June 2018.

Are you a new mum, or mum-to-be? then these posts below could really help you out!